Welcome to Suid Kaap Boerboele, we are situated in the little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa.
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This is how our Story began.....

In 2007 we had the privilege to own our first registered boerboels. Pluto who was a great grandson of Avontuur Anton and a son of Selbourne Storm a son of Smit Max who was also the father of Basson Jamu.  Lyla was our very first boerboel female; she was also a great granddaughter to Avontuur Anton and a daughter of Asthor Lisa who was a granddaughter to Piona Chico.

In 2009 we lost Pluto, We then added Rex to our family, who is now our much loved pet and guard dog.  From 2010 to 2011 Bea, Lakota and Patrys were added to our family, Lakota and Patrys has given us so much back since getting them; Wilson a son of Patrys was the top scoring dog at an appraisal, Olga a daughter of Patrys was the Res Free State Jnr Champ.

Early 2012 we got Janieka Vince who is the biggest and most important link to ad good temperaments and “working” abilities into our line as he is 50% Mizpah with 50% Meester so the big and small worked excellent giving us a healthy A2 Hips Male. He can move, is obedient and is a great family dog and I love him with all my heart and soul. In 2012 we also had our very first litter: Asthor Lyla X Elevation Karools(who was then owned by Kenny van der Merwe) We then kept back Leza (one of our best show dogs).

From there we kept back Tinkerbell(Vince X Leza), Afrika and Lilly(Lyla X Vince) and then we decided to add a new outside male to our program – Middelpos Oscar I, our youngest upcoming dogs include Anni, Clover, Arnold and little Mia and Stardust.

In 2014 we lost Lyla and it was and still is a very hard time for us without her. We were blessed to have 3 of her children (Leza, Afrika and Lilly) and also her granddaughter Tinkerbell.

Since 2007 we have learned allot and we still do every single day, our dogs are our family and hobby; this is how we chose to spend our time and we cannot feel more blessed with these dogs. The main bloodline we have goes back to Piona, Avontuur, Nostras, Ysterberg/Mouzer, Middelpos and Mizpah we also have Klein Sandfontein dogs and Cabaret lines like Cabaret Klein Buks. These lines work for us and have given us stunning temperaments and good moving dogs with loving personalities.

Our main aim is to breed boerboels with loving personalities, to be as honest as we can and to give families the opportunity to own this loving breed.

We also have competed in Open, Regional and National Shows held by SABT and  SABBS and our dogs is doing us so proud. All our breeding dogs are fully registered in the SP or SR Register and we strongly believe to keep it that way.

We never started breeding to be the best or own the best, we started because we love and adore this beautiful breed, and they are the best guard and family dogs. Once you own a boerboel there will never ever be another breed that your heart will belong to. We want to improve on temperaments and to show people what a true boerboel is.

We strongly believe that every Boerboel can have an amazing temperament with the teamwork of the responsible owner, the breeder and the boel. They are large and sometimes goofy dogs and they instantly steal your entire world and life and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you will enjoy our website and dogs just as much as we do and that you now know a little more about us and our dogs.


Boerboele “We learned about honesty and integrity - that the  truth matters…that you don't take shortcuts or play  by your own set of rules…and success doesn't  count unless you earn it fair and square.” -michelle obama Enter website